95% of diets fail, but this one won’t!

95% of diets fail! That’s the harsh truth, and as we head into bikini season more and more people are looking for that magical diet that will give them the body they desire.

But just a toxic ‘diet-culture’ starts to infiltrate our media sources, the toxic ‘pro-obesity’ movement also begins to take off. Now for those of you who wonder what the ‘pro-obesity’ movement is, you may have heard of its other bastardised name. The body-positive movement. I personally refuse to align the pro-obesity/fat positive groups with body-positive due to the consistent thin bashing or health bashing agenda that obesity positive groups seem to adhere to. An example of this is the widely used ‘fat thighs save lives’ slogan or the ‘I’m fat because you can’t fit all this personality in a thin body’ quote and other thin demeaning slogan variations.

I can already feel some keyboard warriors start tapping away, so I want to define some facts. When I discuss thicker people I don’t mean those who have curves or have a body type that distributes weight differently. I’m talking about the clinically obese people, who let their weight negatively affect their health through an increased risk of type-2 diabetes and/or heart disease. These people are not curvy, they are obese. In the same way, those who under-eat due to anorexia are at risk of heart failure, the risks of over or under eating both affect our health in a seriously negative way.

Put this way, we often see pictures of obese women with a pizza or bag of donuts on Instagram with hashtags like:

#bodypositivey #nofatshaming #loveyourself #fitateverysize

and comments such as:

‘Tell them haters’ ‘beat the patriarchy’ ‘fit at every size’

It’s a fact that you cannot be ‘fit at every size’ no matter how much you work out. If the food intake is too much or too little then you are undoing all of the work you just put in to be healthy.

We know that carrying too much extra fat is bad for our health, so let’s flip this around.

Imagine you saw a picture of a clinically underweight person, who posted a picture of their scales with the same/similar hashtags of #fitateverysize #nothinshaming #bodypositive.

The response would be completely different and the comment box would be full of people offering help.

Whether you’re overweight or underweight, adhering to a food relationship that negatively affects your health will come back to bite you in a potentially lethal way. Just because some spokesperson told you it’s okay to be obese does not make it true. In the end, they aren’t the person who’s going to deal with your health issues later in life.

Be the 5%

Given the current narrative, it might shock you that I am entirely against diets and diet culture. I hate the keto diet, the intermittent fasting trend, and the thin-teas, as well as any other short term ‘fixes’ that are promised on these diets.

Let’s lay down some diet trend facts:

  • zero or low sugar foods replace sugar with lactase, a laxative. So you are paying extra for some expensive shits.
  • The keto-diet can work if you already have a healthy food relationship, if not then it’s the greatest diet to put on weight. 100 grams of walnuts is 674 calories, whereas 100 grams of chicken is 158 calories. You could design an entire meal for the same amount of calories in 100 grams of walnuts, and it will keep you fuller for longer.
  • Diet teas like boom bod are an expensive way to piss. That’s all they do, make you piss.
  • The intermittent fasting mentality follows the same path as the anorexia mentality. You are still starving your body, it’s just got a different name.

In simple terms, diets are unsustainable and fucking useless if you want to become healthy by either putting on or losing weight.

So how do 5% of successful diets succeed? Well, they aren’t diets, they are lifestyle changes.

Changing your approach and mentality to food which is healthier for your mind and body, results in your personal body goal becoming a reality. You and I both know under-eating and overeating is bad for our health so, reigning back some of our set habits is the way forward. That could be adding on 200 calories a day or minus 200 calories a day. You don’t have to go from 2000 calories to 1000, that’s just unsustainable. And just like everything else in this world your personal food intake and lifestyle will vary. There’s no cookie-cutter healthy lifestyle plan.

Content executive, spokes person and charity co-founder

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