Earlier this week I had my first appointment with my new therapist. Multiple reasons have lead me to take on therapy again and so going private felt like the right option as I searched for a more catered approach.

My life as it currently stands is pretty balanced. No work stress, relationship stress, or money stress that could be exemplified by an emotional change, and so now felt like the best time to finally address some issues I have been dealing with.

I’ll outline these issues as simply as possible:

  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Night terrors
  • A splattering of depression

These ‘issues’…

Recently, I decided to upskill and source some marketing training from local marketing companies. In my personal opinion, I think it’s always a good idea to keep learning and in the fast-paced marketing world, I don’t want to risk getting left behind.

So, I did a quick Google search and it came up with about 10 different marketing companies in my local area. On every company website, I was bombarded with extraordinary claims to fame, outstanding stats, and case studies (has every marketing company worked for Google/Amazon?) that advertised each company as being the best.

Being a marketer means that…

Did you really think you’d be able to get away with it that easily?

It’s June and that means pride month. A month of celebratory inclusivity and events that spread love and awareness. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, every year as June gets closer marketing teams use their ‘big brains’ to think of the best way to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Charity donations? No

An event? No

Posting educational and supportive content? No

WE’VE GOT IT! We’ll just turn our logo rainbow-colored. Genius.

Sure this might have worked a few years ago but audiences are…

Ripping apart my shameful past of tone-deaf B2B marketing for your benefit.

Link posts. They are everywhere in the B2B marketing world and I hate them with a passion. But the truth is I used to publish them all the time. So, it’s time to rip apart my past work and show you (using my mistakes) why link posts kill your B2B marketing strategy.

Link posts are simply social media posts with a link in them, just like this one below which I published earlier last year.

This is a typical link post. It includes a short introduction, has a…

A guide for corporate and small businesses on Instagram


Whether you manage a corporate business account or are a small business using social media to market its products, a sudden decrease in reach can be daunting.

Here are 3 ways you can increase your reach on Instagram.

1) Outdated hashtags

Think about what was popular in the music scene 6 months ago, is it still popular today? Probably not. The same concept applies to hashtags. If you’re using outdated hashtags, the algorithm will reduce your reach as newer hashtags become more popular.

Think about reviewing your hashtag strategy every 6 months to ensure…

The past few months have been difficult for me. After noticing some unusual pain and period irregularity back in late January/February, I made the responsible decision to get checked out, just in case.

In the back of my head, my family’s history of female-specific cancers rang alarm bells through my ears, not to mention my lacking ability to have children due to a previous event, I simply could not ignore the signs my body was giving me.

I booked a doctors appointment and he scheduled me in for some further examination/tests. The initial tests came back as irregular and suddenly…

Estate agency is one of the most cut-throat, active industries in the world. Agents and agencies battle for turf by working ungodly hours and wearing metaphorical suits of armour as they branch out into other agencies territories. Along with the stress of fighting for the #1 spot in a specific postcode (area code), also comes the second-hand stress felt by buyers and sellers, as they potentially hand over thousands of pounds or their most valuable asset. Estate agency isn’t an industry for the soft-skinned and light-hearted.


I’ve worked in estate agency for a little while now as a content marketer…

For those outside the kpop world, it might feel like BTS popped up out of nowhere and started to dominate the global music charts overnight. That, of course, isn’t true and in the words of the great Kenau Reeves ‘I’m a 10-year overnight success’, BTS has been on the music scene as a group since 2012/2013, with individual members starting their music careers underground since the early 2010s and before. But what makes BTS so successful?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of kpop groups. Some more successful than others and at the start of the early 2010’s only those…

I would call myself a pretty active feminist. I address issues I come into contact with, I encourage the movement towards equality and focus on the future. I am not, however, someone who will stand in picket lines with a sign yelling. I am more of an ‘infiltrate from the inside’ kind of person — I work towards getting into places of influence and introducing feminism there. Some people might say this makes me a crap feminist cause I’m not screaming down a megaphone on the weekend, but honestly, I don’t care. …

How many times have you scrolled your social media feed to find it over-run by fat-burning exercises?

They are everywhere and are growing in volume, as people try to push the few pounds they gained during COVID isolation. We all want to be healthier, fitter and generally happier with our bodies. So when COVID hit it ruined lots of people exercise routines leading to an increase in pounds as we generally became less active. Though there’s nothing wrong with wanting to focus on becoming physically healthier, the fat-burning exercise trend is actually anti-health focused. Why? Because every single exercise or…

Amy Montague

Content executive, spokes person and charity co-founder

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