What made roller skates a pandemic must-have?

Roller skating has a long history — from Victorian metal skates on wooden maple floors for 25c an hour, to the American Civil right movement of the 1950s. Roller skating has turned up throughout history, encouraging freedom of choice and movement. Once again the wheels hit the floor as millions of skates were ordered throughout the pandemic.

Why roller skate?

One thing we notice about roller skating is that it’s popularity links closely to social movements and changes.

  • 1950–1960’s Hip hop culture gained momentum and skating became a metaphor of Black freedom in America. Though segregation was still prominent, slowly rinks began reducing their colour restrictions, attracting more skaters to the rink.
  • 2020 Isolated indoors and socially distanced from others, skating became the number one solo sport. Over 1 billion searches on Tiktok were performed and big brand MOXI saw an unprecedented surge in demand.

Why is roller skating so popular?

We all love to reminisce, feel a sense of freedom and add our own personal touch. Roller skating facilitates all three of these key criteria points.

The future of skating

Roller skating isn’t owned by any age group and so over the past 100 years the sport has taken many different forms. Including roller dancing, hill bombing, skate park skills and roller derby, there literally is something for everyone. Whether you wish to skate in a group or alone, nothing stops you from lacing up your boots.

Content executive, spokes person and charity co-founder

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