Your estate agency marketing is dated and losing you market share

Estate agency is one of the most cut-throat, active industries in the world. Agents and agencies battle for turf by working ungodly hours and wearing metaphorical suits of armour as they branch out into other agencies territories. Along with the stress of fighting for the #1 spot in a specific postcode (area code), also comes the second-hand stress felt by buyers and sellers, as they potentially hand over thousands of pounds or their most valuable asset. Estate agency isn’t an industry for the soft-skinned and light-hearted.


I did experience a brief flutter of hope as personalisation was discussed but it was wasted energy. Apparently, personalisation in the estate agency world simply means posting a black and white photo of the agent. Boring. Disassociative. Pointless.

Ok so what next?

Much like the hard sale tech guys I used to work with, estate agency managers have the same type of approach towards the market e.g SELL SELL SELL. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate how important sale success stories are when establishing creditability, but constant tone-deaf selling more often than not turns into digital yelling. And if a sale goes wrong, you can bet that your ‘selling success story’ is going to be butchered as a disgruntled client vents their frustrations online. This unfortunately is where many estate agencies fall down. Focusing too much on the company and not the people.

you’re selling a lifestyle, not a house


Secondly, let the community talk. What shops, businesses and restaurants are loved in your area? Finding these golden tokens are a great way to integrate yourself into the community without the hard sell approach. By doing this you’re increasing your brand's recognisability, establishing trust even if they saw your logo from that one Instagram reel you posted about your favourite fish&chip shop.

Finally, mix it up. If you don’t listen to any of this advice and continue on with the hard-sell approach, mix up your designs/layouts. Repetitive posts become invisible to the audience, so keep it lively and fresh.

There’s a long way to go in the estate agency world from a marketing point of view and by leading the way with bright, fresh ideas you lead the market.

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